Run something when a DOM element appears and when it exits.
No dependencies. Legacy IE compatible. 1kb .min.gz.



Detecting elements

Run something to initialize an element on its first appearance.

onmount = require('onmount')

onmount('.push-button', function() {
  $(this).on('click', function() {

See: Premise

Using with React

:tada: If you’re looking to use Onmount to mount React components, check out Remount instead.

Polling for changes

Call $.onmount() everytime your code changes.

$('<button class="push-button">Do something</button>').appendTo('body')


$('.push-button').click() //=> 'working...'

See: Idempotency

jQuery integration

jQuery is optional; use it to poll on popular events.

$(document).on('ready show.bs closed.bs load page:change', function() {

See: API


Supply a 2nd function to onmount() to execute something when the node is first detached.

  function() {
  function() {
    alert('button was removed')

document.body.innerHTML = ''

$.onmount() //=> 'button was removed'

See: Cleanups

What for?

Onmount is a safe, reliable, idempotent, and testable way to attach JavaScript behaviors to DOM nodes. It’s great for common websites that are not Single-Page Apps. Read more on its premise and motivation.

rsjs (Reasonable System for JavaScript Structure) is a great standard that onmount fits perfectly into.


Onmount is available via npm and Bower.

npm install onmount
bower install onmount

It can be used as a CommonJS module or on its own. It doesn’t require jQuery, but if jQuery is found, it’ll attach itself to it as $.onmount.

onmount = require('onmount') // With CommonJS (ie, Browserify)
window.onmount // with no module loaders:
$.onmount // with jQuery


See: API

Browser compatibility

All modern browsers and IE8+. For legacy IE, use it with jQuery 1.x.


Examples are available in the source repo. See examples →


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